23 September – 22 October

Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus
Colours: Pink, indigo blue
Minerals: Lapis lazuli, opal, peridot
Metal: Quicksilver
Perfume: Galbanum, rose.
Tarot card: Justice

Motto: I balance, therefore I am.

Mantra: When I balance energies between myself and those around me, I learn the meaning of selfless love.

The best bits: Graceful, diplomatic, charming, romantic, balanced.

The worst bits: Indecisive, superficial, self-indulgent, melodramatic, manipulative.

The cardinal air sign of the zodiac, Libras are great thinkers but their strength is in doing. What do they do? They talk, they flirt, they create. And if their behavior seems inconsistent, that’s because it is—the scales tip one way, then they tip the other. Forever seeking balance.

Here’s a secret about Librans that might explain their ardent nature; they’re terrified of being alone.

In their highest incarnation, Librans balance the polarities of life, perceiving right from wrong, fact from fiction and using perfect judgment when it comes to relationships. Maybe even finding the thing they’re searching for—a soul mate.

When “stuck,” Librans will seek to control their relationships, needing to fulfill their own desires, rather than acting “as one” like their soul’s path demands. “Be cooperative and do things my way” is the motto of a Libran who sees others as mirrors to her own self-expression of love; a pre-written narrative rather than a story unfolding in real time.

Engaging in the arts and creative expression manifests Libra’s harmonious birthright. She seeks, and sees, beauty and balance in herself and others. At her most psychically aligned, the Libra unlocks the meaning of love and service to humanity, a divine Lady Justice weighing the fairness of Truth.

The phrase “in love with love” describes a Libra in just that. Her urge to merge is as strong as her unwillingness to come out of a relationship any way but on top. They can be gentle and warm as quickly as they can be aloof, emotionally manipulative or distant (remember the scales) but either way, their core desire is to be seen and to find peace, through beauty.

Ruled by Venus, individuals with their sun in Libra appreciate, and chase, refinement. They want a pleasant, peaceful environment almost as much as they want attention through partnership. For peace (at any price,) Librans might be tempted into behaviors that border on insincere. Codependency is the dark side of companionship for the sign that embodies relationship.

How to evolve through Libra’s higher levels? First, Libra should remember that she is air. She should spend time with Aquarians and Geminis; talk, plan, create, and sink into her natural habitat— as in ideas and people, but also literally. Climb a mountain and find a high windy place to recharge.

By developing close, yet authentic and (crucially) trusting, relationships with likeminded people, Libra can let her herself breath— balancing social stimulation, deep and meaningful bonds, and intellectual freedom.

A golden triangle of sweetness that gently allows Libra to be honest with herself, and her needs, while learning the art of compromise—finding wholeness on solid ground, even as she stands alone.

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Words by Jerico Mandybur


Art by Jocelyn Tribe

Art by Jocelyn Tribe