Name Loredana Lo Porto

Birthday 8th of September

A moment where you made yourself proud When I stand for what i believe in (allll the time)

If you could be stuck in an elevator for 5 hours with someone who would it be? Eli Reed (Because we can make out)

Skill no one knows you have Drawing

Song that gets you every-time Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You

Influences? 90s, 70s, skaters, metal, Fergie

Strongest Virgo trait Being organised/a perfectionist & practical thinking

Female Muse Ann Wilson (Heart)

What you first notice about people Style

Aspirations Start a sick doom metal band, move to London

Ideal first date Some lovely chill beers, good tunes, a lot of laughs

Best op shop find My superman Pro-keds sneakers

In another life you'd come back as Tony Montana

What you used to want to be as a kid A fashion designer

Your secret power Great intuition