✩ Mateja Buila ✩


Name Mateja Buila
Birthday 20th July
Passion pilates
Why because it makes my body and mind feel amazing
Love about yourself I stand my ground
Learning to love about yourself nothing as I'm quite hard on myself by nature
A place that makes you feel something Mexico
Song that makes you want to dance Justin Bieber Despacito
Bad habit rage and playing with my hair
Nostalgic for being a kid
Looking forward to New York in September with my boyfriend and all my best friends
Can't live with out my bicycle
Can live without mean people
Would play you in a movie well I share my birthday with Gisele Bunchen so that seems fitting haha
In a past life you were an anime character
Strongest Cancer trait my heightened emotions/mood swings
Last thing that put a smile on your face probably a package that arrived for me
Female muse Chloe Sevigny