✩ mia heathcote ✩


Tell me Mia, when is your birthday?
2nd of August.

And what is your passion?
I have a lot of passions, but the main passion is to express myself through movement
to music, and to be able to give something to someone else through that.

And why do you think that’s something that you’re passionate about?
I think it’s kind of innate within me, it’s something that I’ve always felt very at home
with and connected to. When I was younger, I wanted to be a dancer so badly that I
sort of gave myself no option but to do it.
Tell me something that you love about yourself.
I love that I enjoy human connection so much. Like, I love the fact that I’m a kind
person and that I can connect to other people.
And something that you’re learning to love about yourself?
I think my differences – everyone is unique in their own way and I guess I’m learning
to love the things about myself that I wouldn’t consider perfect, learning to work with
them. It’s not so easy, but you get what you’ve been given so you’ve got to work with
that. You simply can’t change what you are. You can work on it, but you can’t change
Do you have any bad habits?
I have a lot of everyday bad habits, but probably my worst – and I think that this
applies to a lot of people – is just getting myself down into a negative spiral. And I
feel like that can easily happen because we’re so used to putting ourselves down,
we’re so used to things not being good enough or perfect enough. And it is a habit because you don’t want to, but you keep doing it.

What’s something that you can't live with out?
Oh, I mean I could definitely live without it but I would hate it – my mascara. Honestly
I have to have it at all times.

And what do you reckon your strongest Leo traits are?
One of the strongest is passion. And I think, like, I’m caring towards my people. Love
and care, passion. And probably that slight bit of fieriness. That can definitely come
in every now and again.

Who are your female muses?
That’s hard, there are lots. I’ll give you one for life and one for ballet. In life, I can’t go
past Audrey Hepburn. She’s just pure elegance. And then in a ballet sense, my
absolute idol is Alessandra Ferri. She’s an incredible technician, but it’s not about her technique, it’s her artistry and what she gives to her audiences. I actually got to meet her when I was in London.

Do you have a favourite ballet?
I mean I’ve always loved Romeo and Juliet. That’s the dream. That’s my ultimate

To play Juliet?

That’s probably one of my dreams, and I’m not even a dancer.
We can both be Juliet.

I was wondering, when I go to the ballet, my favourite thing as an audience
member – it’s actually one of my favourite things in the world – is that moment
of anticipation when the audience collectively hushes as the lights dim, and
everyone is like oh my god it’s about to start. It’s just such a special feeling. As
a performer, are there moments on stage that kind of lodge themselves into
your soul?

The answer to this question is basically the reason why I dance. It’s a fleeting
moment that’s gives a sense of euphoria, it’s otherworldly almost. I definitely felt it a
few nights ago – and I’m quite lucky that I can feel this on stage often, it doesn’t
always happen that’s the thing. It’s hard to grasp onto. But it’s when you’re absolutely
wrapped up in what’s happening on stage and you and your partner are so
connected in that one moment. It has a lot to do with eye contact as well – you’re
listening to the music and it’s almost like your hearts just melt into one. It’s amazing.
You forget where you are, and what you’re doing. You’re just completely and utterly