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Name Myles Pedlar
Birthday 30/09/1993
Passion Photography and Kate Bush
Favourite photo you've taken to date A self portrait that allowed me to feel powerful and liberated during a time that I was really struggling
A learning curve you've endured To harness trauma and use it to positively impact my life
What would you wear to your 100th birthday Nipple tassels and a tartan mini
What song is on repeat for you at the moment I'm obsessed with cheesy music atm. So.... Younger Now - Miley Cyrus
If you could turn into any plant what would it be The algae that's infecting your local swimming hole
When are you happiest When I'm feeling creatively fulfilled
Your creature comfort when you're feeling down Valium, a blanket and Ru Paul's Drag Race
Strongest Libra traits Indecisiveness and my inability to say no
In another life you were A mother of 5
First CD Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
Where can we see your work On my instagram or tumblr!
Who is your muse and why My best friends who are always supporting me in my endeavours.