✩ OLIVIA crawford ✩

Photo by  Laura Du Ve

Photo by Laura Du Ve


Name Olivia Crawford

Birthday 1/5/1992

What's your moon and your rising?
Aries moon, Pisces rising.

What is the most Taurean characteristic you have?
I like to be comfortable and I'm very sensitive to my spatial surroundings! I’m resistant to change, patient 'til i'm not... I can't choose just one!

What album are you loving this year?
Don't Smile At Me (EP) by Billie Eilish

What is important to you?
I just want everything to be fair for everyone and for everyone to be treated humanely.

Who is your rock?
My best friend Alex. They are the most wonderful person.

Any advice for this Taurus season?
It's all going to be okay, I promise.