I wanted to draw on Greek Leo constellation mythology about a tragic love affair between Pyramus and Thisbe. Much like Romeo and Juliet, these forbidden lovers secretly arrange to meet and run away. Thisbe, who arrives at the meeting place first, sees a lioness with a bloody mouth fresh from her recent kill. Terrified, she runs off, accidentally leaving her veil behind. When Pyramus arrives shortly after, he sees the blood and the veil and wrongly assumes the lioness killed Thisbe. With his sword, Pyramus takes his life. When Thisbe returns and sees what Pyramus has done, she takes his sword and does the same. As my beautiful muse is a professional ballerina with the Queensland Ballet, I wanted to draw on Thisbe and Pyramus’ tale and classical Romeo and Juliet imagery to weave quick story that would not only highlight Mia’s talents but send a message about strength in self and moving on. 


WARDROBE | Jemimah Di Natale

HAIR AND MAKEUP | Georgia Gaillard

Composer | Robert Downie

I wanted to capture a sense of anticipation, so I began with a repeating synthesised sequence that evolves and shifts as Miss Leo dances. I used choral and metallic bell-like sounds to reflect the religious setting, but with the surrealist images of the film in mind, I gave these sounds an intentional synthetic/artificial touch. I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to use lapping water sounds in the final scene; perhaps there is an intrinsic feeling of serenity associated with water.

Stills photographer | Lekk Porter

Sound recordist | Imogen Cygler

Voice Artist | Bella Venutti