✩ DiDi DE Graaf ✩

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Didi de Graaf.

7th of February. 

I’ve been so busy and tired lately so this was a fuzzy question, but one thing I’ve always loved and feel most myself doing is writing. 

Favourite scene from a film
Rizzo’s solo in ‘Grease’. I had it on VCR and watched it every day as a kid. It’s about stoicism so ofc it appealed to five year old me. 

A learning curve you've endured
I moved countries by myself when I was seventeen, and since then I’ve learnt to cultivate my loneliness. To turn that feeling into solitude. I learnt to be my own friend first, to enjoy my own company best.

A love song you would sing to yourself
‘First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’ by Roberta Flack. 

Your dream pet
A Python. Just like Mary Kate in New York Minute lmao. 

City that inspires you the most
My home city, Auckland NZ. It’s a fairly normal thing to be unpatriotic when you’re a kid and to complain about your fishbowl of a hometown, but being away from home for so long I’ve grown to really love and appreciate Auckland. We’re such a small, culturally diverse city with a super distinctive and special arts scene. Considering our size and geographic isolation to the rest of the world, we spin out some pretty cool stuff. There’s also a really cool movement of young, second and third gen Pasifika Aucklanders who’re creating contemporary art relating to our cultures, which is sick to see. I’m really proud to be from there. 

When you feel happiest 
When I’m well fed and with friends.

If you could visit one planet
The solar system’s newest dwarf planet is actually called ‘Deedee’. The first person that goes there should have the same name imo. 

Strongest Aquarian traits
Independence. Thinking through and intellectualising emotion. Being stubborn and drawn to eccentricity.

In another life you were 
A nomad.

A poster you had on your wall as a teen
I never really liked posters, but I remember I got my Uncle to paint my walls a dark red colour, it was pretty goth lol.  

Where you see yourself in ten years
In some writer’s room. Hopefully living in a hot country. 

Who is your muse
Audre Lorde.