DIRECTOR | chanel biala

For 'Miss Aquarius',  I wanted to capture the restless, individualistic, forward-thinking qualities of the sign. I find Aquarius people to be popular, social people but imbue a sense of disconnectedness, feeling "not of this planet".
I was inspired by the science fiction rendition of loneliness and longing in Wong Kar Wai's '2046', the music of Kelela, Gucci runways, the films of Aquarian Kenneth Anger, the lighting of Argento's 'Suspiria' and the audio-visual of Set Adrift on Memory Bliss - P.M. Dawn. 

Produced by | indoor fountains

director of photography | ELIYA COHEN

Music | tamatau faleono

Make up | Jade diaz

wardrobe + Animation | Dana santos

Assistant director | jocelyn utting

assistant camera + Stills photography | Carina burke

Title + poster design | Play on Play Studio