Still from 'Miss Aries'

Still from 'Miss Aries'




Favourite scene from a film?
The opening dance for prince Hakim wedding, Coming to America. 

A learning curve you've endured? 
Not everything you do will be perfect, it doesn’t have to. 

City that inspires you the most?
Cape Town. It’s the definition of rebellion and outgrowing the old. 

When do you feel the happiest ?
With family, friends and when surrounded by genuine people.

What drives you creatively?
The need to make something new that is different. 

When do you feel the most powerful?
When I contribute something positive to a person 

Strongest Aries traits you think you have
Most of my decisions are made on impulse

In another life you were…
A passionate film maker with way too many films in development. 

Where you see yourself in ten years?
To be honest I don’t know. Hopefully financially and artistically free with three to four films to my name. 

Who inspires you?
My mum.  She have so much love and support to give, she makes anyone feel comfortable and good about themselves without even trying.