Burçin is one of my oldest and dear friends. She’s been a support to me like no other and her emotional generosity is an inspiration.
This video is about Burçin’s endless capacity for love, loyalty and compassion and the people in her life who are lucky to have it.
We grew up in the hands of many supportive Turkish women who nurtured our strength.
Our community is about keeping that support alive for future generations, a reminder of how fortunate we are to have each other.
Dear Burçin, thank you for being such a wonderful friend.
I love you.
Love Lara.


Director of Photography | Alice Stephens

Production Designer | Ranima RIEK

Editor | Louise Mullins

1st Assistant Director | Gabrielle Pearson

2nd Assistant Director | Dilsat Senbakan

1st Assistant Camera | Bonita Carzino

Sound Recordist | Rob Pavan

Stills Photographer | Isaebella Doherty

So much of my work is directed around building intimacy, often between strangers. So to walk onto a set and have such an incredible array of people, for 'Miss Capricorn', with strong and powerful connections, was such a dream. It really didn't even feel like work, because I hardly had to direct - I merely had to observe. 

I have two priorities when photographing people. Firstly, I try to relax people's awareness of their bodies, because we walk around consistently being so conscious of how we have to portray ourselves that our rawest selves are so often disguised and to reach beyond that shield is amazing. Secondly, I want to make every subject I have feel beautiful with the photographs that are produced & in the process of taking them, because every one person and their story is important and worthy of being captured & shared. 

I feel very blessed & privileged to work with all the amazing people on 'Miss Capricorn', such a beautifully cultivated environment of wonderfully talented creatives.

Graphic Design | Play on Play Studio