23 August – 22 September

Element: Earth
Ruling planet: Mercury
Colours: Yellow-green, blue-grey, violet, navy blue
Minerals: Agate, peridot, opal
Metal: Mercury
Perfume: Narcissus
Tarot card: The Hermit

Motto: I analyse, therefore I am.

Mantra: In seeking perfect order, I see that everything in the universe is exactly as it should be, and I am at peace.

The best bits: Charming, sympathetic, helpful, organised, healthy, dedicated.

The worst bits: Critical, irritable, worried, prudish, hypochondria, over demanding.

Mutable, feminine and earthy, the sixth sign of the zodiac seeks meaningful service—to manifest the divine in everyday life. Thus, their soul’s deepest motivation: the desire for perfection. They love, and need, to help.

Learning the difference between crippling criticism (of the self and others) and real wisdom, is the greatest obstacle to Virgo’s evolution.

Leaning into the highest incarnation of qualities the maiden in the sky represents, manifests the servant, the martyr, the Mary. Turn your observant eye to acknowledging, and then releasing, the more negative qualities associated with Virgo in stasis, and you’ll unlock the meaning behind the saying “Virgo is the caregiver of the cosmos.”

Virgo’s have a great, innate desire to gather—collecting ‘stuff’ like resources that might help themselves or others. Home is comfort to them. They’ll carry a hand cream in their bag that you just have to try. Providing is comfort for them. They might collect people too, struggling to discriminate between relationships that re-charge their energy and ones that sap it.

Contrary wise, they might articulate their need for control and understanding of their surroundings by embracing minimalism. The root of both collecting and “throwing away” is the same—the desire to avoid introspection. Her emotions are often guarded by the protective walls of worry, skepticism and a self-centered outlook that might be erected when her energies aren’t being properly nurtured or distributed. Stress is a Virgo, personified. Learning to control stress is a lesson the sign needs to learn, if they want to achieve the perfect health (body, mind and spirit) that they crave, and deserve.

Being aloof, picky and judgmental are all traits associated with a Virgo who’s not allowing herself to tend the wheat field of her passions. But give the sign a cause, or project, and they’re lower-level incarnations can melt away. So what do they want?

To serve. All experiences and knowledge gained through a Virgo’s life is leading up to this grand project. To witness how much they mean to people through actions, rather than words. To achieve order and harmony. To be self-sufficient while having people to love and knowing that she’s needed.

Highly inquiring and drawn to organization (of thoughts, objects, even emotions,) Virgo is reliable and reward-driven even as her standards of those around her are high. She seeks improvement and clarity and wants to help others achieve the same. Let her, and she’ll be gentle and loyal.

Give her material obligations and she will fulfil them. Take her into the trees, in nature, and she’ll open like a flower. With an outlet for nervous energy (and the energy of others she’s intuitively absorbed moving through life,) with a mediation practice and a consistent purpose—and she’ll reveal for greatest gift of all: A thoroughly genuine human being and a pure heart.

Virgos: Give as much energy to slowing down and quieting your internal dialogue, as you do your perceptive, rock solid and profoundly caring relationship style.

You may be nit picky, you may not be the most emotional sign. But you’re funny and your sweet. And we couldn’t do it without you.

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Written by Jerico Mandybur